*Express bus is available*

・Haneda Airport Maronie (for Utsunomiya,Kanuma,Sano)
・Narita Airport Maronie(for Utsunomiya,Kanuma,Nikko,Sano)

There are 4 of Tobu-Utsunomiya Line stations in Mibu.
Please take the transportation according to your routes and destinations.

Route name: Tobu Utsunomiya Line.
Station name: Yasuzuka Sta., Omochanomachi Sta., Kuniya Sta., Mibu Sta.

・Tobu Railway

The Shinkansen station near Mibu-Machi is Utsunomiya Station.

・JR WEST(JR Nishi Nihon)
・JR EAST(JR Higashi Nihon)

Highway buses operate from the Kansai area and Tokai area.

・Kintetsu Bus Tochonoki
Meitetsu Bus Utsunomiya-Fukushima Line

There is a Mibu IC (interchange) in Mibu Town.
・NEXCO EAST(NEXCO Higashi Nihon)

・Hospital Inn Dokkyo Medical University (Omochanomachi Station)
・Hiroya Inn (Mibu Station)
・Mibu Green Hotel (Mibu Station)
・Business Hotel Ishimura (Omochanomachi Station)

・Midori Kotsu (Omochanomachi Station)
・Noguchi Taxi (Yasuzuka Station)
・Mibu Taxi (Mibu Station)
・Mibu Sightseeing Taxi (Mibu Station)

Junior high school students and older: ¥400
elementary school students: ¥200

・Koide Bicycle Rental (Mibu Station)
・Mibu Taxi (Mibu Station)
・Omochanomachi Station Bicycle Parking Lot
・Roadside Station Mibu Mirai-Kan

From Ishibashi Station (in Shimotsuke City) on the JR Utsunomiya Line, you can take a bus to the Mibumachi area.

JR Ishibashi Station → Tobu Omochanomachi Station → Dokkyo Medical University Hospital

Hours of Operation
Runs about once every hour from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.

*On weekends and holidays, the bus service is reduced to about half.

Bus Fare ¥180 – ¥440

Yugao Bus MAP (PDF)