Mibu-machi Toy Museum

Visitors to this museum can play with the toys.In addition to the playground area Kids Land, where kids can en […]

Bandai Museum

Discover a world of toys that will mesmerize children and adults alike. Divided into four areas, this museum&# […]

Mibu- Machi Sougou Park

Full of water and greenery.Mibu-Machi Park has a variety of athletic equipment, and the pond is full of langui […]

Mibu Strawberry Farm

The greenhouses are filled with warm sunshine.The bright red strawberries are rich in sweetness and aroma.Stra […]

Shinonome Park

Around the bridge, named “Shinonome” meaning “daybreak”, 250 Yoshino cherry trees bloo […]

Castle Ruins Park (Joshi Park)

Mibu Castle was built by the Mibu clan during the Muromachi period (1336-1573), and during the Edo period (160 […]

Mibu Highway Park

The shopping area at Mibu Parking Area(Mibu Highway park) has several shops that offer snacks and food made by […]

Tochigi Wanpaku Park

In addition to flowerbeds showcasing different flowers depending on the season, this park also features a larg […]

Mibu-Machi Historical Folk Material Museum

A museum introducing the history and culture of Mibu.There is a permanent exhibition showcasing the colorful h […]


Kokoji Temple In 1651, before the ashes of the third shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty, Tokugawa Iemitsu, were br […]

돗쿄 의과대학 병원의 은행나무 가로수

돗쿄 의과대학 병원 앞길에는 550m에 걸쳐 약 200여 그루의 은행나무가 심겨 있습니다. 초여름에는 아름다운 신록, 10월부터 11월 상순은 황금색으로 변해가는 모습을 즐길 수 있습니다. 보도는 […]

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